1. Austin
    Created by Austin
    Apr 11, 2018
    I read through my contract and saw that in 2014 i put the maximum coverage of 400k dollars to give to my dad or my brother.
    I'm going to be honest, i want to kill myself. I'm more than useless alive anyway and this will really help my family. I want to know if SGLI will cover suicide. I'm not deployed nor have i deployed before.
  2. JFlare08
    Created by JFlare08
    Apr 11, 2018
    Hey everyone I'm going to MEPS Friday but I'm a little worried about passing the tape test. I'm a 19 yr old female and I exceed the weight and height standards so there is no doubt I'm going to get taped. I measured in at about 35.5 for the abdominal but it keeps fluctuating between 35.5- 36.5. I know the next thing to do would be the body fat composition but Im haveing the same trouble, I fluctuate between a 59-59.5 for females bca measurement my recruiter measured me at 5"6 but I had shoes on so I'm pretty sure I'm like 5"5 and a half. My question is when I'm at MEPS will they make me come back if if just barely over the limit, I'm doing DEP so I'll have time before I leave for basic...
  3. dead2879
    Created by dead2879
    Apr 10, 2018
    i was just wondering how important it is to pass the duck walk, I have never done it before and do not know the proper way so I usually fail everytime. Will I get dq’d?
  4. Dook
    Created by Dook
    Apr 10, 2018

    Stealth Drone Attack Helicopter.jpg

    35 feet long and 17.5' wide.

    US Army version:

    Two fixed 5.56 mm machine guns with at least 600 rounds each, fires at 700 rpm

    One central rectractable pod with 8 hellfire missiles

    Two retractable pods with 19 rocket tubes in each

    Two fixed grenade launcher with 20 rounds each

    US Navy version:

    Blade and tail fold system

    Two external mounts for Harpoon missiles or air dropped torpedo's

    Built in sonobouy launcher with sixteen tubes

    Two fixed forward 5.56 mm guns with 300 rounds each

    US Marines version:

    Same as Army version but it has blade fold system
  5. Dook
    Created by Dook
    Apr 10, 2018
    I don't like the Littoral Combat Ship. I think the designers focused too much on providing the one simple thing the military asked for which was the ability to support a few SEAL teams close to a coastline. It only has space for a few helicopters and a few rigged boats.

    My idea has much more capability.

    Stealth Littoral/Riverine Assault Ship

    The ship has a streamlined hull on the front and rear so it can move up rivers and reverse it's way back out just as fast without having to turn around.

    The belly of the ship is wider than the top which tapers to provide stealth. The middle of the ship is wider than the front and rear to provide more buoyancy and give it a...
  6. David
    Created by David
    Apr 10, 2018
    I am wondering if I will be turned away for having a couple juvenile offenses and one adult offense on my record? They include;

    Juvenile: Retail theft of under $50
    Driving with no proof of insurance
    Adult: DUII of alcohol - got a diversion

    All of this happened 8 plus years ago and nothing is pending in courts. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  7. Switchback
    Created by Switchback
    Apr 8, 2018
  8. Switchback
    Created by Switchback
    Apr 8, 2018
    MILITARY HUMOR - A newly Married man and women return home after their Honeymoon is over. The new wife sets down at the table with a notepad and pen in hand and starts writing. She asks her new Husband about going camping, saying you like camping right? What the man says (thinking there is a camping trip in his future) outdoors is in my blood as he explains his history of camping. Going on and on about what he sorry they will need for a camping trip. After all, he's an expert camper, been camping every year since childhood. She is still writing on the notepad when he comes to the end of all they will need and she asks him, you do like to Fish right? OH yes, he responds yes but will need...