1971 - USAF Basic Training Pathway

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    I enlisted in the USAF out of high school as I wanted to get into Law Enforcement as a Police Officer. One could say it all started at a Police Explorer meeting, as our post (which I was post president) had invited two USAF Recruiters to talk with us about Military Police careers in the USAF. We took a few tests as the USA had done away with the draft in about 1968 or 1969. So bottom line I did not have to join having a high lottery number. So here is a bit of how it went down in 1971. After testing with the recruiter I was given a GTR a travel slip to take a BUS from Clearwater, Florida down to Miami, Florida, staying in a hotel until the morning when the induction center opened for Medical testing and written test.

    BINGO, you could say I won after a long wait in a holding room we were all given our oath of enlistment and a Bus ride to the Airport where we flew to Houston and then to (Flight change) San Antonio, Texas. This was done by commercial air carriers. Then waiting in another room until we had enough young man to fill up a Military Bus. On arrival, we unloaded into a very large building for more testing, paperwork and a video welcome message from the base commander. Then about 10-PM we again loaded onto the BUS and came to meet three men in uniform who would forever be in our memory. They acted as if we did not know anything having fallen in on some red lines and boxes on the ground. Seems funny thinking back as when we arrived at the dorm where we would stay for the next 10- or so weeks. Myself and three others were made squad leaders. The nice Sgt. kept us up until about 2:30 AM. He went over what we were to know and showed us how to make a bed, "his way".

    Morning came and something was missing at 5:30 AM on the drill pad learning how to workout, oh yes "his way" That thing that was missing from my morning life was the SUN and its light rays. We all made it through Basic training and I had learned to always say SIR first and last, how to walk, always starting off with my left foot. Put on a uniform and hat with shining shoes. To take charge of whatever I was given and protect it until properly relieved of the item. Mostly I learned how to wait, standing and how to look good doing it. Some of my new friends never complete there four years having given their all. You could say this long-haired bleached blond, this goofy kid had gone away and today looking back it was all worth it and "very cool" ok, so what can I say somethings just are a part of who you are as a person. Even at 70-years old, I'm still trying to slow down when I eat. Must have been them 15-min lunches we had during my time with Strategic Air Command - SAC.
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