6,000 detained from Turkish army, judiciary in probe into failed coup attempt

Discussion in 'World Affairs' started by argonautluk, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. argonautluk

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    Jun 30, 2016
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    A crackdown on the military and the judiciary in the wake of a failed coup attempt has led to the detention of thousands of soldiers and judges and prosecutors, including commanders and top court members.
    link: http://www.theasian.asia/archives/95503
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  2. Vergennes

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    Oct 10, 2015
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    @Atilla @argonautluk

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    -More than 8.000 police officers and gendarmes have been detained across the country.
    ~100 generals out of ~350 have been detained.
    -The number of persons involved in the coup could be about 20.000

    Was the number of people involved underestimated ?
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  3. Parikrama

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    Jul 5, 2016
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    Well i look from two perspectives

    1. What will happen to all these ppl who are detained/accused or even some actions taken..
    - We all do understand that such ppl will be "taught" some lesson as examples are normally made out in such cases.

    2. Since the numbers are not very precise but still i believe any number also showcases a dissenting note or a general opposition or even a lack of confidence on Present Prez actions (past , present and future course)
    - So will Prez Erdogan constitute a way to have discussion on this and understand viewpoints
    - Will Prez hear opinions and may be try and see if he can do some course corrections to take all folks together to make Turkey a more prosperous nation in the future

    It would be supremely magnanimous if Prez Erdogan pardons most of the folks or all and admonishes them like a father does to his children. After all President is like a father post and the whole country becomes his family his children.

    But that may be tough .. But if its done, it actually helps in the long run by breaking their will and changing the image+opinions of the Prez.
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  4. Atilla

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    Oct 25, 2015
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    I understand the logic on normal basis it makes sense but these arrested people are representing a small but fanatical in their cause section of society. They are set on their goal of getting into the system because they got an order to do so from their leader. It's difficult maybe to understand but they see this order as holy.

    @Strategist brother the video above and some of the articles will answer some of your questions and concerns although I disagree that he has a completely radical shariah agenda.


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  5. Strategist

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    @Atilla I think the disconnect here is the Manichean choice that's been presented: it's either Gulen or Erdogan. I believe that is a false choice, since Erdogan worked with Gulen when it was convenient for him, and now opposes Gulen because it's convenient for him. I watched the video and read the articles, and you've convinced me: Gulen is a bad guy. But that doesn't make Erdogan a good guy. This is similar to the Bolsheviks ousting the Mensheviks--we can split hairs and try to determine which is better than the other, but in the larger picture, both groups are terrible.

    If Gulen has indeed infiltrated the Turkish government, his influence should be extirpated. But it's nonsensical to eliminate Gulen only to replace him with stooges of Erdogan and his Turkish version of the Muslim Brotherhood. Erdogan has been placing his people in government positions for more than a decade now. He's been doing it openly, not secretly. I don't understand why it's more acceptable to the Turkish people for Erdogan stooges to occupy positions of influence in the government, when they are so vociferously opposed to Gulen stooges occupying positions of government. The Turkish people should be fighting to oust both of them.
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