6 Chinese Spy Programs That Are Worse Than ‘Big Brother’ in Orwell’s ‘1984

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    1) “Big Intelligence”

    “Big Intelligence” is a dragnet surveillance program that puts Orwell’s fictional “telescreens” to shame. It gathers information from surveillance cameras located everywhere from taxis, to street corners, to shops, and uses this information to track people down.

    2) The “Social Credit System”
    This program gathers all available information on every Chinese citizen, then uses it to assign each person a rating. Since this rating can affect a person’s ability to get a job, take a loan, or buy a house, it functions as a tool that facilitates self-censorship.

    Since the Social Credit System also can lower someone’s rating if they have a friend or family member with a low rating, it creates an environment where friends and family members are expected to enforce the CCP’s policies on each other.

    3) Internet Police
    In an assessment on Internet freedom in 65 countries around the world conducted by independent watchdog organization Freedom House in 2015 China ranked dead last—lower than even Cuba and Syria.

    Part of this low score can be attributed to the CCP’s agents who monitor online discussions, pull content offline, and report netizens to the proper authorities. And it also employs a massive network of an estimated 500,000 Internet trolls, known as the “50-cent army,” employed to promote and defend the CCP’s online propaganda globally.

    4) Car Spying
    In addition to police surveillance cameras installed in taxis, they’ve started requiring drives to carry electronic IDs that track the vehicles.
    The first stage of the program is being tested in Shenzhen, where the CCP recently issued 200,000 of the ID cards to drivers of vehicles including commercial transport trucks and school buses.

    5) Spying on Gadgets
    It’s becoming more common for governments everywhere to spy on phone calls, but the CCP again has them beat with its elaborate spy systems either installed on devices with cyberattacks, or pre-installed at the factory level.

    6) Pre-Crime
    According to Bloomberg, the CCP directed one of its largest state-run defense contractors, China Electronics Technology Group, to build new software that collects information on people’s jobs, hobbies, buying habits, and other behavior.The CCP is pitching the idea as a way to prevent terrorist attacks, but the Chinese regime often masks its authoritarian spy programs as systems to search for terrorists
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