Bandit-terrorists behead a Canadian hostage

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    Canadian hostage beheaded in the Philippines
    Canada confirms head dumped in a street in Jolo was that of John Ridsdel, who was snatched by Abu Sayyaf last September.

    26 Apr 2016 05:41 GMT
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    The severed head of a Canadian hostage has been found on the streets of Samal Island in the Philippines.

    Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister, confirmed that a plastic bag containing a decapitated head and dumped in a street on Monday night by two men on a motorcycle in Jolo, a town in Sulu province of the Philippines, was that of John Ridsdel.

    Ridsdel, 68, was kidnapped along with three other tourists - fellow Canadian Robert Hall, a Norwegian man and a Filipino woman - last September by the Abu Sayyaf armed group from a marina on Samal Island, also known as Islam Garden.

    Abu Sayyaf had earlier threatened to kill one of the three male hostages if a large ransom was not paid by 3pm Monday local time.

    Abu Sayyaf, which is considered a terrorist organisation by Canada and other Western countries, emerged in the early 1990s as an offshoot of a separatist rebellion by minority Moro Muslims in the predominantly Roman Catholic nation's south.

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    This is why the PH Air Force should really consider buying more CAS/COIN aircraft and dedicated attack helictopers to be able to bomb this group back to stone age.