Best job for X-Special Forces and retired Military Intelligence experts

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    Jan 23, 2017
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    military expeditions

    We started new company and looking for retired SF and MI to build and operate their own high level private adventure expeditions.

    Our clients are presidents of corporations. Our expeditions cost anywhere from $50.000 and up to $200K per person for 2 weeks.

    What we do: helicopter extractions, survival in the Amazon jungle and Siberia, tactical and psychological, and etc..

    We have no frames or restrictions - if you can create something unique, then you can work with us.Right now running two and 4 are in the making:

    - Amazonia with #SAS
    - Siberia with #GRU
    - New York City with #CIA
    - Moscow with #FSB Special Forces Alpha
    - New Zealand with Special Operations Forces (#NZSOF)
    - Alaska with Special Forces Group

    We pay directly to our expedition directors anywhere from 70 to 80% of our profit.

    If you ever dreamed of creating extreme military/intelligence based adventure course or expedition, but had no resources or the "how", then all you need is to send to us your adventure idea.

    To apply and more info:

    You can also contact us thru our media company: