Brazil to Decommission its Carrier

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    Brazil is Retiring Its Only Aircraft Carrier


    Brazil has decided to permanently sideline its sole aircraft carrier, the flat-top São Paulo. The decision leaves the United States the only aircraft carrier power in the Americas.

    The Brazilian government has said the cost of updating the ship and purchasing new planes was prohibitive and will seek to replace them in the future. The decision underscores the point that aircraft carriers are a rich country's game.

    The São Paulo began life as the French aircraft carrier Foch. It served for 37 years until it was replaced by the nuclear-powered carrier Charles de Gaulle. Brazil bought the vessel from the French government in 2000. More than 860 feet long and displacing 32,000 tons fully loaded, the carrier was capable of carrying up to 39 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.


    So much for the BRICS taking over the world.