Challenger 2 Life Extension Project

Discussion in 'UK Defence Forum' started by Falcon, Nov 22, 2015.

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    The current Life Extension Programme (LEP) for the British Army’s 227 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks has been failing to deliver anything for some time. It started as an ambitious programme but as industrial capability and financial reality has dawned, the scope, ambition and timescales have shifted also.

    Challenger 2 is a proven and effective design but is staring into an evolutionary dead end in terms of lethality, a withered industrial base to sustain and develop it, and to be blunt, a lack of interest from Army leadership, having spent all the money on transformational equipment like FRES/SV/Scout/AJAX (stop laughing at the back)



    I have been looking at UK military blogs and articles. It looks like many people in their country are concerned over the future of their military. A once great empire is now struggling to upgrade its 200+ tanks and can't figure out how to maintain a relevant air force. Anywho back on topic:

    The effort is a continuation of a project launched more than a decade ago to upgrade the British Army's tank fleet, but earlier this year army chiefs ordered a wider effort to look at radical solutions to the increasing obsolescence of the service's 227 Challenger 2s.

    When will they develop a new tank? Maybe never again on their own. Most likely they will engage in partnerships with the french or germans similar to the eurofighter.