Chile to announce Type 23 frigate upgrade winner by year's end

Discussion in 'Naval' started by Falcon, May 23, 2016.

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    By the end of the year a winner of work upgrading the Chilean Navy's fleet of Type 23 frigates is to be announced, about a year after a request for information was issued to several companies, Commander-in-Chief Admiral Enrique LarraƱaga has revealed.

    The companies included BAE Systems, IAI, Lockheed Martin Canada, Thales, and QinetiQ. It is expected that by June, the navy would seek a request for proposals and award a contract by the end of 2016.

    The upgrade involves modernisation of the anti-air defences with a new semi-active/active guided missile, new radars, and a new combat management system.

    Adm LarraƱaga also said the first of seven purchased Vulcanair P.68 Observer 2 twin-prop transport has arrived to the country; these are replacing the now phased-out Cessna O-2A Spymaster.