China opens military R&D to the private sector

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    China opens military R&D to the private sector


    Jon Grevatt, Bangkok
    - IHS Jane's Defence Industry

    China's military procurement system is, for the first time, encouraging the country's private sector to bid for military research and development (R&D) projects.

    The projects are being advertised as tenders on China's military procurement website - - which was launched in January 2015.

    Announcing the move on 7 August, the PLA Daily newspaper - the official mouthpiece of the People's Liberation Army - said that by advertising the projects it aims to encourage greater competition in China's defence industry, which is dominated by state-owned corporations.

    The PLA Daily added that many of the R&D projects were submitted by the armament departments of the army and navy.

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    State run companies worked during the Cold war but in todays world of network centric warfare and strong competition emerging from many smaller-medium sized countries in the defense industry fields means that governments need all of the brains they can get to stay ahead and competitive.

    Looks like capitalism is winning in China again.
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