China’s Fishing Militia Is a Military Force in All But Name

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    China’s Fishing Militia Is a Military Force in All But Name

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    As the South China Sea heats up, one of Beijing’s most important tools — its Maritime Militia or “Little Blue Men,” roughly equivalent at sea to Putin’s “Little Green Men” on land — offers it major rewards while threatening the United States and other potential opponents with major risks.

    When the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague announces its rulings on the Philippines-initiated maritime legal case with China on July 12 — likely rejecting some key bases for excessive Chinese claims in the South China Sea — the Maritime Militia will offer a tempting tool for Beijing to try to teach Manila (and other neighbors) a lesson while frustrating American ability to calm troubled waters.

    This major problem with significant strategic implications is crying out for greater attention, and effective response. Accordingly, this article puts China’s Maritime Militia under the spotlight to explain what it is, why it matters and what to do about it.

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    Its not easy to counter this force, calling it out is a good step but most people around the world will not be able to understand what is actually going on in the SCS and why China is using fishermen if it has a strong navy and coast guard. I wonder what our rules of engagement towards these vessels are? We know that many of them are state controlled militias but what about the legitimate Chinese fishermen who are fishing waters they deem to be theirs?
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    Do "irregular forces" have the same rights as regular forces (military force of a nation), or are they treated the same way as mercenaries; as illegal combatants?

    Can this fishing militia be designated as an irregular force?

    Lastly, given that Chinese People's Liberation Army is the armed wing of the Communist Party of China and not the state armed forces of the Chinese nation, is the PLA a regular force, or an irregular force that is bloated to extreme in terms of manpower?