Columbian Gov.t & FARC Rebels Sign Peace Deal

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    FARC-Colombia peace deal finalized


    Havana (CNN)
    Negotiators seeking to end the five-decades-old bloody insurgency in Colombia, one of the world's longest-running conflicts, said Wednesday in Havana that they had reached a final peace deal.

    For nearly four years, representatives from the Colombian government and FARC rebel group have struggled to reach a deal that would not only end the fighting but also address issues of land reform, repatriation for the families of victims and trying those suspected of human rights abuses.
    The landmark deal will still need to be approved by a majority of Colombians in a referendum set for October 2.

    Found this from a Wilson Center Report from 2014:

    "A decade ago, Colombia supplied about 90 percent of the world’s cocaine. But due to anti- drug efforts in Colombia as well as Peru’s reemergence as a major producer, Colombia since 2011 is believed to provide less than half of the world’s cocaine, according to U.S. of cials.6 Yet drug pro ts continue to be a vital source of cash for the FARC, a smaller Marxist rebel group known as the National Liberation Army, or ELN, and other criminal organizations in Colombia. Massive drug pro ts help the FARC to buy weapons, uniforms, and supplies and to recruit fresh troops. The ght between the FARC and illegal right-wing paramilitary groups over coca elds and drug smuggling corridors has been a key factor in the con ict’s extreme levels of violence, forced displacement and land grabs.7 When the two sides rst met to discuss the drug issue in November 2013, Colombia’s chief peace negotiator, Humberto de la Calle, called the illegal drug trade“the fuel that feeds the conflict.”

    ^^^ A big win in the war on drugs boys. :O---:
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