Drug Lords Fill FARC Gap in Columbia

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    Colombia military taking it easy as paramilitaries and drug lords overrun FARC territory


    written by David Maas

    Colombia’s military is failing to enter former FARC territories, effectively allowing paramilitary groups and drug gangs to fill the void and set in motion a new wave of terror, homicides and forced displacement.

    In November, the Colombian government signed a final peace agreement with the FARC in which it agreed to provide protection for demobilized guerrillas and secure areas formerly held by the FARC, basically fulfill its constitutional duty.

    Virtually all FARC guerrillas, with the exception of dissidents, are either in pre-grouping areas or the demobilization and disarmament camps they were scheduled to move into after signing peace in September last year.

    So many words, so little action

    During the FARC’s demobilizaiton, the military would embark on “Plan Victoria” and effectively take territorial control and allow the installment of civilian authorities as part of the peace deal with the FARC, as soon as possible without endangering a ceasefire announced in August last year.

    However, both President Juan Manuel Santos and the military have failed to keep their word, leaving a dozen civilians dead already, more than 150 displaced within the last few days, and hundreds of thousands of Colombians either in, or at risk of, paramilitary rule or turf wars.

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