Endless war and military suicide rate where is America going?

Discussion in 'U.S. Strategic Affairs' started by sabo, May 13, 2016.

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  1. sabo

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    Mar 10, 2016
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    America has been at war, 15 years now. There is no clear victory condition, or exit strategy. How is this strategically sane?!

    I remember the Vietnam war, and the protests. The people stopped that war, because #1, war is expensive. #2, killing people is not always the best solution to problems. But people dont care about war anymore, its like it is normal. Something like straight out of the book, 1984.

    Military suicides has been at record highs, its like one soldier less then every 24 hours. (for a few years straight now!)

    Our Veterans come home, and they dont get proper care or treatment. All while illegals come into our country and get free everything.

    Why is care for our veterans who served, not more of a priority?!

    Our borders are wide open. ISIS or anyone else can easily gain access to our country.

    I think just like in Germany they are flooding our country with immigrants to destroy what is left of our constitution. Immigrants get away with murder, literally, as if they even get deported, they just come back across.

    Lou Dobbs had it right with his "North American Union" news broadcast that got him fired. (google it!)

    I grew up playing chess, and in chess you line up all your pieces before you attack, so there is no escape. Stepping back and looking at the big picture of America, I see a very divided country that has lost its cares for liberty.

    Its like they are trying to destroy our military, our veterans, our constitution, our country, and our economy. Illegals are cheap labor to the companies, and lower living standards for the rest of us. They are being train to hate America, and Americans. Just look at the Mexican Trump protests to see it first hand. No-Go sharia law zones in UK and America. Muslims allowed to attack and openly express hate for us?! How do people explain all this away??

    I saw a video a few years back, "Warning to America, from ex KGB agent" - its still on YouTube if you google. He explains exactly what they did and are doing to get the country disestablished. Sheds a lot of light on things going on today.

    Whats your perspective?
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    Dec 17, 2015
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    The direction of our country is highly debatably and can be seen in many different ways. On one side we are using special forces, local troops, and drones to carry out military operations which result in high casualty rates for the enemy with relatively low casualties on our side. This is something new, I am excluding the past Iraq war here. The strategy seems to be working at the moment.

    Which regard to our borders we do have a serious issue, anybody can come in and those people do indeed come in.

    Everyone has a different view of America and what it should be. Some people only want a Caucasian-African American "America", other people don't mind people from South America being part of that mix, and they don't mind people of different faiths or people of no faith living here. They don't see that as the destruction of "America". On the contrary they see the opposite as the destruction of "America".
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