FBI Working on Case Where Propane Filled Van Targeted Air Base

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    FBI seeks motive for fiery van crash at Calif. air base

    By Don Thompson and Paul Elias
    Associated Press

    ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Investigators are working around the clock as they struggle to determine why a man with no apparent ties to terrorism drove a flaming minivan full of propane tanks and gasoline cans through the main gate of a major Northern California Air Force Base this week.

    Hafiz Kazi, 51, died in the Kia minivan Wednesday night after veering through the gate at Travis Air Force Base and crashing, FBI agent Sean Ragan said Friday. Kazi had no known links to terrorism, did not leave behind a manifesto or any threats or explanation, and a video found on a cellphone provided no clue.

    "Why did this individual end up at the front gate of Travis Air Base on fire and now deceased? We don't have the answers to that," Ragan said. "We've got a significant amount of investigators assigned to it night and day since this occurred.... They will continue at it until we get those answers."