Flight records or similar USAF RAF Korean War

Discussion in 'U.S. Air Force' started by k.kjosaas, Feb 2, 2017.

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    I am doing research on a soldier who took part in a mission to Korea during the Korean War. I have among other things, like his diary etc., a detailed itinerary of his journey which started in Frankfurt and ended in Tulagi. From Tulagi to Korea (location unknown in Korea), he was aboard a ship.

    Itinerary as follows:

    Frankfurt a.m. 00:00 06.07.1952 (USAF DC4)
    Bari 03:10 06.07.1952 (USAF DC4)
    Ankara 07:25 06.07.1952 (USAF DC4)
    Karachi (RAF CL4)
    Chittagong 09:45 06.08.1952 (RAF CL4)
    Bangkok 15:01 06.08.1952 (RAF CL4)
    Saigon 20:05 06.08.1952 (RAF CL4)
    Manila 02:30 06.09.1952 (USAF B52-RS)
    Tulagi 07:35 06.09.1952 (USAF B52-RS)

    Rest stop :
    Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok
    Binh Duong, Saigon
    Paranaque, Manila
    Tulagi, Solomon Islands


    This is a handwritten note. I am looking to validate this information in any was possible. I realize that the last part Manila and Tulagi with B52 couldn't be correct as the B52 hadn't been introduced as of then. Or am i wrong here? (also what is the significance of RS?)
    Does anything seem not correct besides that?
    How about air bases in these locations at that time? Names of those?
    Any way to check if those flights took place at that time?

    This note was possible written out of memory a long time after this supposedly happened. Could be as much as 40 years.

    I appreciate any help i can get with this. Thanks !