France Launches "Immediate Anticipation" Procurement Plan

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    French Procurement Office Launches Effort for Military Upkeep

    PARIS — France's procurement office has launched a transformation plan aimed at keeping weapon systems updated based on geopolitical shifts, according to Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) chief executive Laurent Collet-Billon. The DGA also said it will peruse export markets and pursue technological breakthroughs to support the French military.

    “The aim is to prepare for the future, set the technological road map for defense with a 10-year time horizon for 2025,” he said.

    “It is important to set a convergence of the armed forces, funding, industry and technology on a permanent basis,” he said. “That might be long term for some, but for us it is very near term and a very deep transformation. It requires both a long-term strategy and the ability to act immediately,” he said.

    The transformation plan, named “Immediate Anticipation,” is being rolled out to staff and senior officers of the forces. The project addresses four key factors: international, extended capability, innovation and digital.

    International reflects geostrategic factors such as emerging powers, changes in Asia and re-arming around the world, he said. There is also an increasing demand from export customers for increased government involvement at all phases of a deal.

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