France partly lifts veil on Jaguar EBRC

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    Latest artist's impression of the French Army's new 6x6 Jaguar reconnaissance vehicle armed with a CTAI 40 mm Case Telescoped Armament System, roof-mounted 7.62 mm RWS, and showing missile pod in raised position in right side of turret roof. Source: MBDA

    Key Points

    • Fresh details of the French Army's next-generation Jaguar reconnaissance vehicle development have emerged
    • The vehicle will feature welded aluminium hull armour and a range of optional armour packages
    France has started to lift the veil on its Jaguar Engin Blinde de Reconnaissance (EBRC) system, which will be the most sophisticated wheeled armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) to be introduced as part of its SCORPION network enabled capability (NEC) programme.

    These vehicles will be fitted with the Atos Scorpion Combat Information System (SCIS), which will replace five existing systems and enable them to share information in real time.

    A consortium consisting of Nexter Systems, Renault Trucks Defense, and Thales Communications and Security are developing the Jaguar with three prototypes and one mobility test rig now being built.

    The first production Jaguar will be delivered in 2020 under SCORPION Step 1 and a total of 110 will be delivered before 2025, with Step 2 commencing from 2023 with the remainder of the total contract for 248 Jaguar to be delivered.

    This will enable the ageing Nexter Systems AMX-10RCR and 6x6 Panhard Defense Sagaie armoured cars to be replaced, as these vehicles are now almost 40 years old.

    It has been confirmed that the hull and turret of the Jaguar will be of welded aluminium armour with an applique armour package for a higher level of protection. Blast trials on representative Jaguar hulls have already been completed.

    A series of applique armour packages are being developed and would be fitted prior to deployment tailored to the anticipated threats. These include specific packages for mine/improvised explosive devices as well as rocket-propelled grenades.

    A soft kill defensive aids system will be fitted and a roof-mounted infrared jammer could also be fitted on deployment.

    The two-person Nexter Systems turret will be armed with a CTAI Cased Telescoped Armament System (CTAS).
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