French Army to receive Metravib Pilar V gunshot detection system

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    Close up of the acoustic sensor of the Metravib Pilar V integrated acoustic gunshot detection system showing the four replaceable microphones. Source: Christopher F Foss

    The French Army will install its latest Metravib Pilar V integrated acoustic gunshot detection system on 500 of its new generation of wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs).

    Production is set to commence in 2017 and will see the Pilar V fitted to 248 Jaguar 6x6 reconnaissance vehicles and some of the Griffon 6x6 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) earmarked for the French Army SCORPION programme.

    In both cases, Pilar V will be coupled to the remote weapon station (RWS) - being developed under the leadership of Renault Trucks Defense - and will typically be armed with a 7.62 mm or .50 calibre M2 HB machine gun (MG).

    For the Jaguar installation it will also be elevated with the CTAI 40 mm Cased Telescoped Armament System (CTAS), as it does not have a co-axial MG.

    When compared to earlier Pilar variants the Pilar V is said to be more rugged and accurate. The system operates in single, multiple, burst and simultaneous shot modes and filters out any outgoing gun shots. It can detect small-arms fire as well as medium calibre cannon.

    For the new generation of French AFVs, information from the roof-mounted sensor will flow to the battle management system (BMS) and if the gunfire is considered a threat the RWS will automatically slew to the target. The gunner then makes the decision as to whether to engage that target.

    The acoustic sensor is typically mounted on the roof of the vehicle to provide coverage through 360° and, according to the company, provides incoming gunshot location to an accuracy of within ±2° in azimuth and ±3° in elevation. Range accuracy is stated as ±10%.

    Pilar V also has a built-in navigation module; the position of the shooter is displayed on the operator's screen, which is updated as the vehicle moves.

    In addition to the vehicle-mounted systems, tripod-mounted versions have also been developed and manufactured for use in providing coverage at forward operating bases (FOBs).
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