French Cruise Missiles Require US Approval Before Sale to Egypt

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    It's not only France but many countries around the world require a green light from the US to sell weapons.

    PARIS — The French government must seek U.S. authorization before selling French Scalp cruise missiles with American components to Egypt, said Eric Trappier, chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.

    Those U.S. parts on the long-range weapon are critical to its ability to function.

    Egypt is in talks with France on exercising an option for 12 Rafale fighter jets, business website La Tribune reported. That option was included in a 2015 contract for 24 twin-jet fighters and weapons from Safran and MBDA.

    “This is very sensitive,” Trappier said March 8 at a media conference on 2017 financial results. “This is a government-to-government contract. If there are authorizations, then it is up to the government for the component and the government for the aircraft.”

    Dassault has delivered 14 of Egypt’s order for 24 Rafale aircraft.

    The French Armed Forces Ministry and MBDA declined to comment.
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