Future Uncertain for Textron AirLand T-X Bid

Discussion in 'U.S. Air Force' started by Falcon, Feb 24, 2016.

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    WASHINGTON -- Barring a change in requirements, Textron AirLand will not put forth its Scorpion design for the Air Force’s T-X trainer competition, according to a top company executive.

    Bill Anderson, Textron AirLand’s vice president for Scorpion, also said in a Feb. 22 interview that developing a brand new, clean-sheet design for the T-X requirements as they exist today would be cost prohibitive for the company.

    However, Anderson stressed that the Air Force’s requirements for the program are not firm. Until a final set of requirements are in place, Textron will not make a final decision on whether to commit to the program, he said.

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    I think we should go with the T-X trainer and buy around 50 Scorpions for COIN. We are blowing away our money with air strikes on people wearing flip flops by using expensive fighter jets. We could then save money because we are using the same type of air plane for training and combat.
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