Greatest Rescue mission of Iran/Iraq war

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    i dont know !!!
    ww2 military history
    "توانایی هوانیروز را در عملیات بدر و خیبر دیدم. حقیقتاً کارهایی کردند که هیچ ارتشی در هیچ جای دنیا نمی‌تواند بکند"

    فرمانده نیروی زمینی ارتش ایران، سرتیپ ناصر محمدی فر
    I saw the ability of the Army Aviation in Operations Badr and Khyber. They did things that no army anywhere in the world can do.

    Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force, Brigadier General Nasser Mohammadi Far

    Greatest Rescue mission of Iran/Iraq war
    8members of Iranian Army Aviation that rescued pilots of a downed aircraft, were promoted

    :Here is text of Islamic Republic of Iran's Joint Chiefs of Staff notifications

    at afternoon of 5 Dec 1980, Members of Iranian Army Aviation had saved Maj.Rezaeeand 1Lt.Soleimanee, two pilots of a downed aircraft. they ejected somewhere near Small Town of "DarbandiKhan" about 25 Km inland of Iraq, after their Aircraft was hit by enemy AAA batteries

    The Rescue team, Consisted of 1 Agosta-Bell 214 Transport Helicopter and 2 AH-1J Cobra Attack Helicopter, had saved them and returned to iran

    To honor this unique and encouraging action, Army have been approved and communicated the following details about them

    1. WOMohammad Esfahani, to Junior Leiutenant

    2. WOHossein Shahdadi, to Junior Leiutenant

    3. Sgt.Esmaeel Ilbeigee, to M/Sgt

    4. 2Lt.Olfat Nazari, 1 year seniority

    5. 2Lt.Majid Haqiqati Ravan, 1 year seniority

    6. 2WOAhmad Pishgah Hadian, to 1WO

    7. 2WOAli Milan, to 1WO

    8. Cpt.Abbas Salehi, 6 months Seniority
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