Has Charlottesville been crossed?

Discussion in 'The Homeland' started by masimons, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. masimons

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    Aug 22, 2017
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    That disgusting bloody bath in Charlottesville, Virginia, became sort of a milestone event for the American nation that has come to the brink of civil war as close as never before since 1865. Both radical camps, the far rightists and the leftists, have been summoning up their supporters, the tense faces of the enemies being lighted up with ominous glow of the bygone Los-Angeles fire. Those are the enemies with practically free access to small arms. Those are the enemies having massive support in the army, National Guard and police. The reason of this mutual hatred is as old as the hills. Still, what was actually the pretext for this recent massacre? Why on earth did the Charlottesville city council resort to that weird decision to at any cost remove the century old monument of Confederate Gen. E. Lee? It just amounts to some meager petty revenge of the 21st century homunculus race to the 19th century giant. The cost of this scornful spit into the past is one human life now and trouble that may only multiply in future.

    I hate racism and those redneck jack-straws, all in white sheets, you know, make me doubt the relevancy of the proud self-appellation employed presently by our biological class. But fairness requires me to say that the opposite side is also demonstrating to the fagged-out world community the pure idiotism in its fine feather. I did my best to delve into the leftists' motives. Yes, General Lee by no doubts was staying on strong defense of the Confederate basic foundations – slavery of course. But how can it concern the removal of the monument? For your information, Pericles, the father of Athens democracy, also possessed some slaves. And Pharaoh Cheops treated his people much worse than any American plantation owner exploiting his swarthy captives. Following the leftist logic, we should expect crowds of junk politicos and anarchist hordes approach the Great Pyramid and the Acropolis with heavy hammers and dynamite. I wonder if at all there is any sinless person among those past time celebrities that have been honored with the monuments to commemorate their deeds. I'm just "melting with joy" watching the so called "progressive community" debating "immorality" of the Confederation leaders and at the same time willingly wearing badges with the portrait of Mao Zedong, the Chinese communist strongman guilty in the deaths of millions in his country and obsessed with nuclear war.

    Monuments to prominent figures of the past are integrated into historical landscape. Furthermore, they are also an element of the national cultural self-identification. Nobody has ever meant to ban colored communities erect monuments of Martin Luther King or Bob Marley. But infantile approach "let's demolish it 'course we don't like it" appears to be a totally rotten and destructive one. But for this idiocy, the poor woman would stay alive and keep enjoying life now. Why on earth should we allow this sort of madness bringing absolutely sane citizens into the embrace of marginal forces despite their political coloration? This is the way to an abyss and perhaps the Rubicon of Charlottesville has been crossed already. The last thing to rely on at present is just the good sense of the American people, though with each passing day the hope is shrinking.
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    Jan 19, 2017
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    I took this info from wikipedia. So it is maybe out of date info. But you still have 63% white & 12% black so it is not that much. It is not top secret that we like our own kind best. It is natural feel a bit threatened on your own kind. But as long you guys are the big majority it is not to be worry about. A bit culture in your country is good.
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    Wh40k, Battletech
    There was a joke:
    - Why there will never be Maidan in USA?
    - Becouse in USA there are no US-embassy.

    But now we see, that Democrats use their field manuals in interior political fighting. It's good. It was good for Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Ukraine... It will be good for USA, too.

    IMHO, the best scenario for Russia and a whole world is a Second Civil War (with massive usage of nuclear weapon).
    Another scenarios are:
    - anti-president coup, usurpation of President Power by Parliament, federalisation and balcanisation of USA;
    - anti-parliament coup, early dissolution of Parliament by president, military dictatorship;
    - "peaceful" surpressing of really working people with bonuses for parasites - and USA will waste resourses for them and will never became "great again";
    - "peaceful" surpressing of parasites - and falling of globalistic project

    And what kind of scenarios (margin and moderate) do you see, friends?
  4. Falcon

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    Oct 10, 2015
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    The left will get what it wants with an impediments, economic state of the country is decent, no incentives for civil war BUT if Obama was president then the reaction to all of this might have been different.
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