High Intensity of combat training in Europe

Discussion in 'Europe' started by johnmalkin, Jun 15, 2016.

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    As we know Polish Armed Forces conducted a large-scale military training exercise Anakonda involving 24 NATO and partner countries. For more than 10 days, 31,000 troops, backed by large numbers of vehicles, aircraft and ships trained together. The aim was to exercise and test the interoperability of the Polish Armed Forces with other participating nations. Another large-scale NATO exercise Saber Strike 2016 have begun in the Baltic States, which are aimed at improving interaction between member states in a wide range on military operations. 10,000 soldiers from 13 member states and partner countries are participating in the exercise. The exercises take place from May 27 th to June 22th.

    At the same time, their neighboring countries do not sleep either. The last six months are characterized by very intensive operational and combat training in Belarus.

    While NATO flexes its military muscle in Poland and in the Baltic States Belarus conducted command and staff war game with the 6th and 11th Guards mechanized brigades led by the Commander of the Western Operational Command from June 7 th to 9 th at the Gozhsky test site. The aim of this exercise was to enhance the level of practical skills in command and control of military units during combat operations with the use of innovative technologies.

    The more so the units of Belarus Air Force and Air Defence Forces will participate in the exercise led by Russian Western Military District from June 14 th to 16 th.

    In the course of the exercise a missile and aviation strike of imaginary enemy will be repelled. Air Force and Air Defence troops of Russia and Belarus will practice elimination of different types of targets imitating cruise and ballistic missiles, combat and reconnaissance UAVs as well as aviation units of imaginary enemy during day and night time.

    So the high intensity of combat training of troops today seems to become the distinctive feature of military activity of our days.
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    Good information and analysis @johnmalkin. We often look at what NATO is doing but Russia is conducting its own exercises as well. I think what becomes important here is being able to read the purpose behind these exercises. Ofcourse they are for increasing readiness and testing out new tactics etc. but is it possible that they are being used to deploy forces to the East by NATO? The constant exercises make me want to believe this because we are always rotating troops in Eastern Europe with these exercises, constantly deploying new equipment like HIMARS.

    Russia Military Update: Over 2,000 Summer Armed Forces Exercises Planned Amid Tensions With NATO

    Russia’s armed forces aren’t taking a summer break. Over 2,000 drills and exercises are expected to take place starting Wednesday through the end of October, Russia’s defense minister said.

    “There will be nine exercises within the framework of international military cooperation, including anti-terrorist Peace Mission, Russian-Belarusian Unbreakable Brotherhood and Russian-Mongolian Selenga-2016,” said Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, state news agency Tass reported. “The training period will be intensive.”

    Shoigu said Russia’s largest drill will take place in September in the country’s southwest and will include joint drills with Belarus and Mongolia. It was unclear how many members of the armed forces would participate in the exercise.

    Russia’s Pacific fleet commenced its training period Wednesday and is scheduled to take part in “dozens of large-scale exercises,” said Russian Eastern Military District Capt. Roman Martov.

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