India Finalizes UAV Procurement Blue Print

Discussion in 'Indian Defense Forum' started by Falcon, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Oct 10, 2015
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    India Finalizes $3B Blueprint for UAV Fleets

    NEW DELHI — Indian defense forces have finalized a blueprint to procure more than 5,000 UAVs over the next 10 years for about US $3 billion, and tenders will be restricted to domestic companies that can tie up with foreign firms, said a Ministry of Defence source.

    Lack of industrial expertise, combined with delays and cost overruns, have stymied past efforts to develop and produce indigenous UAVs for tactical requirements. These efforts also were limited to state-owned companies.

    "In the future, the private sector will be involved in a big way to meet all future requirements of UAVs," said an MoD official.

    In the next three to five years, the Indian Army proposes to equip UAVs down to the battalion level, while the Air Force plans to have fully operational squadrons of surveillance UAVs and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV).
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    Mission requirements for Rustom - II finalised.

    There’s a lot of talk on the interwebs on precisely what kind of platform India’s Rustom-2 MALE UAS will be. As it prepares for its first flight late this month or early August, I thought I’d pull out this official schematic slide I obtained back in 2012, depicting for the first time the Rustom-2’s operational profile. This was, in effect, the first official document describing the Rustom-2 as a strike platform.


    Livefist can confirm that the Rustom-2 platform that will fly shortly isn’t optimised for weapons carriage -- hardpoints for weapons will be sported likely on the second prototype of the Rustom-2, which will also contain weight optimisation and aerodynamic improvements. That airframe could be rolled out as early as next year, sources say

    Livefist will reporting in detail shortly on the concept AURA USAV project too. Meanwhile, the imminent flight test of India’s first stated unmanned strike platform is a momentous occasion, and an opportune time to discuss the way forward, both in terms of technology and doctrine. Glad to have your thoughts below.