India offers a Comprehensive Upgrade Package for Vietnam's Petya-class ASW ships

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    Recently, India (comprising MoD officials and possibly representatives of various private-sector companies) had put forward an offer to undertake a deep-upgrade (comprising electronic as well as tactical systems) aimed at the two Soviet-origin Project 159 Petya-class Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) vessels employed by the Vietnam People's Navy. There are 3 more ships of the class in service, a larger follow-up contract is expected at a later date. The Petya-class were also used by the Indian Navy in the past but are now decommissioned. This package may have been formulated a while ago as an upgrade for those ships, in case the Indian Navy decided to keep them longer.

    Well, atleast Vietnam seems to have found use for it.


    Following are some images & data related to the various systems touted as being part of this upgrade package -

    ABHAY Active/Passive Sonar System

    VARUNASTRA Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT) and related Fire-Control Systems (FCS)

    ITTL twin-tube HWT launcher -by private company Larsen & Toubro (L&T)

    IRL Anti-Submarine Rocket Launcher (212mm) -by L&T (developed from RBU-6000)


    MAREECH Anti-Torpedo Defence System (ATDS) -by Mahindra Defence Systems, another pvt. company




    Meanwhile, the sale of at least 10 new patrol craft for VPN has reportedly been sanctioned. They displace around 90 tons and are also from L&T, and are based on a Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) class vessel, 54 of which were previously ordered by the Indian Coast Guard.

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