India to buy 1 C-17 Globe Master

Discussion in 'Indian Defense Forum' started by Falcon, Dec 21, 2016.

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  1. Falcon

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    Oct 10, 2015
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    IAF to buy last US C-17 aircraft left


    Unable to process its request in time to buy three C-17 Globemaster heavylift transport aircraft from the US, the Air Force is now moving a proposal to buy the only remaining aircraft in the American inventory for over Rs 2,500 crore before the Defence Ministry.

    Originally, the Air Force wanted to buy three C-17 planes from the US, which has stopped the production of these planes at its facility in Long Beach, California but the American government was left only with one plane for sale.

    "We will now buy whatever we can and are planning to buy the single aircraft left with the US. In this regard, we are planning to move our proposal in a key Defence Ministry meeting planned to be held this month," a senior IAF source told Mail Today here.
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    Oct 14, 2016
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    It's a normal cargo plane, but what is a price? May be, Indians should buy two Il-76 for this money?
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    Apr 18, 2016
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    We actually wanted between 13 and 26 C-17s at one point, but the decision-making process took too long and the Boeing production line closed. Only one plane is left to buy now so we're getting it before someone else can grab it.

    As of Il-76s, there is going to a program to upgrade all of the IAF's existing 17 Il-76MD planes to the new Il-76MD-90 standard (previously known as Il-476) with the new PS-90A turbofan engines, new glass cockpit, electronics & other stuff. It's rumored that upto 6 of our Il-76s will be converted into tankers and upgraded to Il-78MKI-90 standard.

    As of why C-17 was bought is because it offers the ability to transport heavy MBTs like the Arjun Mk-1 and Mk-2, can retain higher payload capacities than the Il-76 even in high-altitude regions (Himalayas), has a better availability rate and is capable of landing on extremely short runways (some like in India's North-East). So yeah it has considerable advantages compared to Il-76MD.


    However, we must remember that a requirement for heavy transporters will still be left unfulfilled even after the 11th C-17A is delivered. When Russia begins to develop a replacement project for the Il-76, I think India would want in on that.
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