Indian Army Buys More BMP-2s

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    Indian Army Buys More BMP-2s as Infantry Combat Vehicle Upgrades Delayed


    NEW DELHI — Faced with the continued delay of efforts to select a domestic company to upgrade its BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle fleet, the Indian Army had no choice but to buy 149 of the same outdated Russian-designed ICVs from the Indian government-owned Ordnance Factory Board, an Army official said.

    Tatas bidding for FICV project to bring group companies together

    Tata group is banking on winning the Rs 60,000-crore project to design and build a Fighting Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) under Make in India in Defence to bring more than a dozen group companies together.

    These firms have been asked to submit proposals by January 15, 2016 to build the FICV, a tracked, armoured battle-taxi, which will be operated by three crewmembers and carry eight combat soldiers into battle. As per the EoI, the FICV must be air-portable by IL-76 and C-17 aircraft, and fire anti-tank guided missiles up to 4,000 metres.

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