Israel's first F-35I nears completion

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    Israel receives first F-35 'Adir' fighter jet
    Defense Ministry celebrates inaugural event with Lockheed Martin as body of first plane is delivered.

    Aharon Marmarosh
    Defense Ministry

    The heads of the Defense Ministry delegation to the United States and U.S. military and defense company Lockheed Martin celebrated the near completion of the first F-35 that will become part of the Israeli Air Force. The plane, which is code-named “Adir”, is scheduled to be completed and launched in June.

    During the ceremony, which took place in Fort Worth, Texas, the head of the Israeli delegation signed on overseeing the completion of the body of the plane. He signed: “Onwards and upwards. May you succeed in all of your duties.”

    The completion of the outside of the plane allows work on the more important internal systems, including the advanced electronics systems, as well as the incredibly powerful engines to begin.

    The rest of the article is here:
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    "The USA doesn’t seem willing to bend on the software code issue for anyone, and insists on routing upgrade and change requests through Lockheed Martin, with attendant costs and possible delays.

    Israel has gone ahead with an initial buy anyway, while negotiating to add key items. Israeli “F-35i Adir” fighters will include compatible communications systems and datalinks, and provisions to insert some locally-built ECM and defensive electronics.

    Israel will also want to broaden the plane’s weapons array to include Israeli weapons, as a subject of future agreements. Items mentioned in reports to date include Python short-range air-to-air missiles, and dual-mode guidance Spice GPS/IIR smart bombs. Those items are still being negotiated, and Israel’s top-of-the-line strike fighter will need even more weapons than these in order to be fulfill its role."

    According to "Defense News," Israel has received an exemption from the protocol requirements of the F-35 program requiring foreign air forces to do most of the maintenance work on the planes in Lockheed Martin's logistics centers. The Israel air force will be able to do most of the maintenance work in Israel, except for heavy maintenance, due to concern that a war could break out exactly when some the planes are outside Israel. A logistics center for maintenance of the Adir planes is now being built at the Nevatim base for this purpose. This center will have direct access to Lockheed Martin's information system.
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    The Golden Eagles are on their Way to Israel
    Israel Defense // March 24, 2016

    The preparations for the arrival of the first F-35 aircraft are under way. An exclusive review of the cutting-edge fighter aircraft expected to revolutionize the Israeli Air Force and the aerial warfare doctrine employed in the Middle East.

    It will take place on Monday, December 12, 2016. In the presence of Israel's national leaders, two F-35 fighters, IAF designation 'Adir', will land at Nevatim IAF base. According to international law, once the aircraft wheels have touched the ground, the aircraft is officially transferred to the possession of the Israeli Government. A technical flight team will approach the aircraft and attach the emblem of the newly-established IAF squadron – the Golden Eagle Squadron.

    At this time, four aircraft intended for IAF are already on the assembly line and the Israeli flag flies over the assembly station. On June 22, the roll-out ceremony will be held, where the first complete aircraft will roll out of the hangar. Next summer, the F-35 will make its debut flight appearance to the aviation world at the Farnborough International Airshow near London, England. The complete designation of this aircraft is F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). On December 12, the first pair of 'Adir' fighters will depart for Nevatim IAF base, Israel.
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