Italian SAMP/T on Turkey-Syria Border

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    Italy deploys air defence system to Turkey


    French SAMP/T in image

    NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday welcomed Italy's deployment of its air defence system in Turkey.

    The system arrived in the southern Turkish province of Kahramanmaras last week as part of a NATO mission to defend Turkey’s southern border with Syria.

    Stoltenberg said Turkey’s security is important for NATO.

    And by being a key ally, the block had already taken on several measures to improve Turkey's security.

    "We have different kinds of assurance measures in Turkey,” Stoltenberg said during a press briefing before NATO defense ministers' meeting in Brussels.

    “AWACS surveillance planes, we have Spanish Patriot batteries and have more naval presence in eastern Mediterranean. And the Italian deployment of SAMP/T will add and augment these efforts and this is something I welcome very much. It shows the NATO solidarity."

    The move came after the United States and Germany pulled back their Patriot Air and Missile Defence Systems late last year and early this year.

    I think it is not only in Turkey for security reasons but also to show it off to the Turkish Military for procurement.
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