Japan to double F-15 Squadron in Okinawa

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    Japan to double F-15 air squadron from one to two


    Japan's Air Self-Defense Force has decided to double its number of F-15 fighter squadron in Okinawa to respond to an increase in scrambles.

    It is part of the air self-defense force's efforts to strengthen defense around the southwestern island chain.

    The ASDF decided on Tuesday to increase the units of F-15 fighter squadrons in the Naha Air Base from the current one to two at the end of this month. About 10 more F-15 aircraft will be added to the air base, bringing the total to around 40.

    The decision comes after ASDF jets were scrambled from Naha 441 times last year. That's more than double the number 4 years before.

    In 2013, China established an air defense identification zone over a wide area of the East China Sea around the Japanese islands

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