Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland defense chiefs back Ukraine NATO Membership

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    Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland defense chiefs back Ukraine in desire to join NATO
    "Personally I heard a clear stance of all defense ministers, who condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine and back us in our aspirations of reforming, European integration and joining the alliance [NATO]," Poltorak said following the negotiations with defense ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland in Kyiv on Monday.

    This comes as:

    Defence ministers of Baltic countries and Poland condemn Russia aggression against Ukraine

    Estonian Defence Minister, Hannes Hanso:"Russia's aggression towards Ukraine is not only in fact against Ukraine, but is against the 21st century values, against democracy, against freedom of choice and it cannot be accepted."

    Not finished yet:

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Mr Duda said on Tuesday that Warsaw had agreed to open up a 4bn zloty (€1bn) currency swap to promote bilateral trade and ease some pressure on cash-strapped Kiev, increase diplomatic support for Ukraine’s intentions to achieve visa-free travel to the EU, and provide advice on continued economic reform.
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