Lockheed Martin Brings Color to the Apache Helicopter Cockpits

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    Lockheed Martin Brings Color to the US Army Apache Helicopter Cockpits

    ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 7, 2016
    – The U.S. Army awarded Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) a $54.3 million contract in December 2015 to upgrade the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (M-TADS/PNVS) on the AH-64E Apache helicopter, bringing color to the cockpit for the first time.

    Under this contract, Lockheed Martin will produce 35 M-DSA kits and spares for the U.S. Army and the Qatar Emiri Air Force. Production will take place at Lockheed Martin’s facilities in Orlando and Ocala, Florida, through March 2019. A total of $54.3 million was obligated to Lockheed Martin through the Modernized Day Sensor Assembly (M-DSA) Phase 2 Lot 1 contract award with a total value not to exceed $130.6 million.

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