Malaysian Navy Assaults Filipino Fishermen

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    Filipino Side:


    PH Navy on fishermen abuse in Malaysia: Gov’t dealing with it
    By: Frances Mangosing

    04:49 PM May 24th, 2016

    The Western Command (Wescom) of the Philippine Navy said concerned authorities were addressing the latest incident in the West Philippine Sea where Filipino fishermen arrested in the Philippine-claimed Rizal Reef (Commodore Reef) were physically harmed by Malaysian naval authorities, who nabbed them for supposedly fishing in their waters.

    Wescom spokesperon Captain Cheryl Tindog said they immediately provided assistance and support to the fishermen when they received them early this month.

    Three Filipino fishermen arrested by the Malaysian Navy last May 9 claimed they were assaulted by authorities while in detention.

    One of the fishermen, Nelson Plamiano, told Inquirer Central Luzon that they were handcuffed, slapped in the face, punched and kicked in the chest.

    The three received medical attention when they were received by the Philippine Navy. While they sustained bruises, they were in stable condition, Tindog said.

    The fishermen were arrested for allegedly fishing in Malaysian waters but the fishermen claimed they were fishing within the territorial waters of the Philippines, 17 nautical miles from the Rizal Reef. They were freed a day after the arrest.


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    Malaysian Side:


    Filipino fishermen claim assault by Malaysian Navy
    FMT Reporters
    May 24, 2016

    Trio say they were fishing in Philippine waters but were detained and beaten by Malaysian Navy personnel for fishing in Malaysian waters.

    MANILA: Three Filipino fishermen, who claimed they were held and beaten on May 9 by the Malaysian Navy, have urged the Philippine Government to act against those who assaulted them.

    Nelson Flamiano, Arlon Sandro and Teody Baisa, all residents of the coastal town of Subic in Zambales, returned home on Saturday, after being held for some hours for allegedly fishing in Malaysian waters.

    The trio, who were part of a crew of 22 aboard the F/B Justin Lloyd, said they would file a complaint against the Malaysian naval authorities, according to a report in the Manila Times.

    The report quoted F/B Justin Lloyd’s captain Martin Datingginoo as saying they had been fishing along Commodore Reef, or in the vicinity of the Rizal Reef detachment of the Philippine Navy, when they were accosted by Malaysian Navy personnel on May 9.

    He said the Malaysians ordered them to stay away from their territorial waters while aiming long firearms at them.

    Datingginoo then radioed the nearest Philippine Navy station in Palawan for help, and was told to keep going towards the Philippines Navy detachment nearby.

    He instructed three crewmen to go near the Malaysian ship on board a small boat to present their documents, but the fishermen were instead arrested, he claimed.

    Baisa told The Manila Times they were handcuffed and made to kneel on the deck of the Malaysian ship while being kicked and punched. They were accused of encroaching into Malaysian waters.

    “The weather was so hot and they made us kneel in the ship’s deck, luckily my short is long that my wound was not as bad as the two others,” Flamiano said.

    Baisa showed his knees marked with a deep wound, the Manila Times reported.


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