McCain Says "idiots" behind Military Spending Bill Delay

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    John McCain says 'idiots' are behind the decision to delay military spending bill


    Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain blasted congressional leaders as “idiots” for their decision to pursue a short-term budget plan instead of yearlong appropriations bills, saying the move will harm national security.

    “I think it’s one of the worst mistakes we could ever make,” the Arizona Republican said Thursday. “The president-elect of the United States has said over and over we need to spend more money on defense, to build up our Army, Navy, Air Force. But what we’re going to do is in effect cut $12 billion.”

    McCain said military readiness will suffer “if these idiots say they want to go through with a continuing resolution,” a measure used to extend current government spending levels for a fixed and often brief duration.

    Earlier in the day, House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers announced Republican leaders in both congressional chambers made the decision not to move forward with any long-term spending bills for the rest of this year, because that could restrict funding plans for President-elect Donald Trump’s new administration. Instead, lawmakers plan to pass a budget bill extending fiscal 2016 levels until April 2017, halfway through the new fiscal year.

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