MEPS & Mental Illness?

Discussion in 'U.S. Army' started by Mark Hansen, Apr 13, 2018.

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  1. Mark Hansen

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    Apr 13, 2018
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    Hello AMF!
    I want to join the Army with an 11b Option 40 contract. As the title states, I have a history of mental illness (unfortunately). I have had one major depressive episode and I was placed into a psychiatric hospital for my own safety only for a 72 hour hold. I was also placed on medication. I am completely healthy now and I am very fit. I run 60-70 MPW and I do several hundred exercises like push-ups & sit-ups per day. I worry that MEPS or my recruiter will DQ me when I try to enlist. I am going to keep my mouth shut about everything when they ask. I know the consequences of getting caught. I really want to do this though, I have wanted this for a long time! So basically what I am asking is: if I keep my mouth shut to my recruiters will the MEPS people be able to find out? If so, how would they find out? Do they pull up medical records for everyone? Is there a chance that I will be able to make it through with this type of contract regardless of my mental history? What types of questions do they ask to try and get you to fess up? How can I prepare for MEPS? How can I ensure my success? I have seen similar posts where people have enlisted with a history of mental illness and were not disqualified (even combat MOS). I’m just trying to keep my hopes up because this is my dream.
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    Apr 10, 2018
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    I don't know if this disqualifies you for military service. You might try and call a recruiting office and ask them over the phone but obviously you shouldn't give them your name. They will probably try and get you to come in so they can talk to you in person because they want to get you in the office to get you to join. The recruiting offices don't actually enlist you, MEPS enlists you when you raise your hand and swear to uphold the constitution.

    They do not have access to your medical records or criminal records either.

    If you lie and get caught they will discharge you for wrongful enlistment which I believe would be an Admin discharge that becomes an Honorable Discharge after some time.

    They ask you almost every type of question you can think of.

    How can you prepare for MEPS? It's just a physical, interview with a doctor, and meeting with military to decide on your military job, there really is nothing to prepare for.

    When you first get to boot camp they will try to scare you into revealing any information that you kept from them at MEPS. Don't change your story, whatever it is.

    How can you ensure success in the military? The #1 most important thing, be a "Yes" man. Always agree with your superiors no matter how much of an uneducated dumbshit they really are.