Navy Admiral: We CAN Build More Virginia-Class Attack Submarine Faster

Discussion in 'Defense Industry & Policy' started by AMDR, Aug 26, 2016.

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    Navy Admiral: We CAN Build More Virginia-Class Attack Submarine Faster - 2-per Year in the 2020s


    Navy leaders now say it will be possible to build more Virginia-class attack submarines at a faster pace than currently planned as part of an aggressive move to address and counter Russian and Chinese submarine expansion.

    In a special exclusive interview with Scout Warrior, former Navy Director of Undersea Warfare said the Navy and its industrial partners to have the ability to build 2 Virginia-class submarines per year once production of the Ohio Replacement Program nuclear-armed submarines begins in the 2020s.

    The current status-quo effort to build two Virginia-Class boat per year, however, will drop to one as construction of the Ohio Replacement Program, or ORP, begins in the early 2020s.

    Rear Adm. Charles Richard, prior Director of Undersea Warfare, said the Navy has completed a special analysis of strategic imperatives and industrial base capacity on the issue which has been submitted to Congress for review.

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    my comments:

    If this is true and the navy goes forward with this, it will eliminate the projected SSN shortfall. Currently the worst year, 2029, will have the SSN fleet at 41. If this plan is implemented that number will go to 49 or 50. And most of those 8 to 9 additional submarines would be Block Vs no less, which would also address the significant surface strike capacity lost with the retirement of the SSGNs.

    This is the status quo:

    Not only would we eliminate the shortfall, but by the 2040s we would have a larger SSN fleet than we have now. Throw UUVs into the mix and you've set the stage for continued US undersea dominance for at least most of the 21st century. Exciting times we live in.
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    @AMDR we have to remember that out sub fleet gets split between Europe and Asia. We have to find out what the Russians and Chinese are planning to see if what we are planning is good enough. The North Koreans also have a lot of subs but they are low tech.


    What does Russia have planned for the future?


    Let's talk China,

    Forbes’ office also pointed to estimates of China’s submarine fleet that appeared in a second Congressional Research Service reportreleased in March. The research service noted that an analysis by the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence shows that China’s total submarine fleet -- mostly attack boats and a handful of ballistic missile subs - was 66 to 75 in 2015. In 2020, it’s expected to be 69 to 78 submarines. If that growth rate of three more subs over a five-year period was to continue till 2026, then China would have about 72 to 81 submarines that year, Sadler said.
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    Funny picture, but where are AS-12, AS-31, "Surrogate" and other recce and special operation submarines?