New French army command created

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    In the framework of the new “In touch” (Au contact) model of the French army, a new command, the “Army command for the national territory”(COM TN or commandement Terre pour le territoire national) was administratively set up yesterday, 1st June 2016. It is concrete proof that the army has taken on board the development of the threat within France, notably by redistributing its strategic offer.

    We are simply going to quote the press statement issued this evening (2 June) by the army as we will only get details when the new command’s first commander, Major-General Gaëtan Poncelin de Raucourt, holds his first press conference at “some” point in the future.

    Major-General Gaëtan Poncelin de Raucourt

    ” The Army has always contributed to the protection and security of the French territory. It is a major actor of VIGIPIRATE, HÉPHAÏSTOS, HARPIE and SENTINELLE. It is always able to intervene during natural disasters (such as the flooding of the past few days), but also in health crises, industrial accidents or to secure major events.

    Placed under the direct authority of the Army Chief of Staff, the Army command for the national territory will become a real “centre of excellence” dedicated to anticipation, preparation and operational engagement on the national territory.

    This command, based at the Ecole Militaire (war college), is the head of the national territory and reserve for the whole of the Army [….]

    The official ceremony creating this new command will take place on 19 October 2016.”
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