North Korea Builds Arms Factory in Namibia

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    GABORONE, Botswana — The Namibian government has confirmed that North Korea built an arms and ammunition factory in the African country and is in the process of executing other contracts for the construction of the country's first military academy, military barracks and a new headquarters for the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

    The small arms and ammunition factory built by North Korea cannot be seen as a contravention of UN sanctions because all the products it manufactures are not for export but for use by Namibian security agencies.

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    As indicated earlier, Namibia’s bilateral relations can be placed within the historical context of the struggle for independence. The country attaches high value to the decisions of the United Nations and other international organisations, particularly the fraternity of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) (now the African Union) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as well as the Non-Aligned Movement. National interests constitute an overriding factor in our bilateral relations, allowing Namibia to exercise its sovereign right when conducting business within the parameters of these relations.
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