Norway Boosts Defense Budget

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    Norway Boosts Defense Budget to Protect Key Programs


    The Norwegian government’s decision to add an additional $230 million to its defense budget for 2017 will secure spending in the Norwegian Defense Forces’s (NDF) Long Term Defense Plan while critically protecting the military's modernization and procurement programs.

    The increase will lift the level of Norway’s overall defense budget in 2017 to more than $6 billion. Of this amount, procurement will account for $1.5 billion while infrastructure will consume $370 million.

    The defense-spending hike has been problematic for Prime Minister Erna Solberg, whose center-right minority coalition government is politically fragile and under pressure.

    Opposition leaders have criticized Solberg for resorting to using record levels of capital, held in the state’s sovereign wealth vehicle, the Government Pension Fund (GPF), to both meet deficit targets in the 2017 national budget and stimulate growth in Norway’s oil revenue-dependent economy.

    However, cross-party support for the defense budget increase was energized by a number of key factors. These included the need to keep pace with Russia’s military strengthening in the High North. Moreover, Norway is concerned over the prospect that US investment in maintaining security in Europe and the High North region could weaken under a Trump administration.

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