Pacific Commander: ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Virginia-class Submarines

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    Pacific Commander: ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Virginia-class Submarines


    By RICHARD R. BURGESS, Managing Editor
    ARLINGTON, Va. — The commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific and Indian Oceans praised the Navy’s Virginia-class attack submarines (SSNs) and stressed the value of them in surveillance and in countering Chinese and Russian naval forces.

    Testifying Feb. 23 before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Capitol Hill, Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., commander, U.S. Pacific Command, said in response to a question from Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., the Virginia-class attack submarine “is the best thing we have” and that he “can’t get enough of them fast enough.”

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    Silent but deadly


    USS Virginia
    (SSN 774), Groton, CT
    USS Texas (SSN 775), Pearl Harbor, HI
    USS Hawaii (SSN 776), Pearl Harbor, HI
    USS North Carolina (SSN 777), Pearl Harbor, HI
    USS New Hampshire (SSN 778), Groton, CT
    USS New Mexico (SSN 779), Groton, CT
    USS Missouri (SSN 780), Groton, CT
    USS California (SSN 781), Groton, CT
    USS Mississippi (SSN 782), Pearl Harbor, HI
    USS Minnesota (SSN 783), Groton, CT
    USS North Dakota (SSN 784), Groton, CT
    USS John Warner (SSN 785), Norfolk, VA
    Illinois (SSN 786) - Keel laid June 2, 2014
    Washington (SSN 787) - Keel laid Nov 11, 2014
    Colorado (SSN 788) - Keel laid March 7, 2015
    Indiana (SSN 789) - Keel laid May 16, 2015
    South Dakota (SSN 790) - Authorized for construction
    Delaware (SSN 791) - Authorized for construction
    Vermont (SSN 792) - Authorized for construction
    Oregon (SSN 793) - Aurthorized for construction
    Montana (SSN 794) - Authorized for Construction
    Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 795) - Construction began September 2015
    New Jersey (SSN 796) - Under contract
    Iowa (SSN 797) - Under contract
    Massachusetts (SSN 798) - Under contract
    Idaho (SSN 799) - Under contract
    SSN 800 (SSN 800) - Under contract
    Utah (SSN 801) - Authorized for construction
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    “I face a submarine shortage in the Pacific,” Harris said. “My requirements are not being met. That’s a function of numbers and global demand. I’m also worried about that shortfall between requirements and presence.”

    Admiral Harris is right, we do have a big submarine gap in the Pacific. The North Koreans have a horde of subs that are still a threat to our ships even though they are old. The Chinese have around 70 subs if I am not mistaken. In total we have somewhere between 75-80 in total subs. Our subs are operating in many different oceans so we are greatly out numbered in the pacific. We need 20 more subs just for the Pacific.

    The Russians also have a sizable submarine force in the Pacific.

    The size of China's submarine fleet is disputed. I would expect that they have quite a few because they are necessary for deterring american access to the region.

    china inventory.png
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