Ran into a problem while enlisting...

Discussion in 'U.S. Army' started by HopefulSPC, May 20, 2016.

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    May 20, 2016
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    So, I swore in with the Army, picked my MOS and was waiting to ship as an E-4 Specialist... until they got my drug test back and I somehow failed the urinalysis for marijuana even after about 30 days of quitting.

    Now, my recruiter told me I'll have to wait 90 days to retest (thankfully not 6 months anymore), and I'll have to talk to the battalion commander to explain myself. And even provide some letters of recommendation.

    Now, fortunately, I attended a Future Soldier event just days prior to finding out about my failed test, and I did so well at the event that I earned a coin for Most Motivated Recruit. I came alive thanks to the Army, but now this failed test threatens to end that commitment early.

    I'm hoping that waivers have become easier to obtain now, especially for one-time use of marijuana. Which is mostly my question.
    1) How easy is it to acquire that drug waiver? Will my performance and motivation help in the approval process?

    2) Can anyone confirm that it IS in fact 90 days to retest? MEPS informed me via mail of 45 days to begin re-processing, but my recruiter said 90 days for our particular branch (I'm sure my recruiter is right, just double-checking)

    Thanks in advance, hopefully I'll be serving alongside soon. I finally feel proud of something, I'd hate for it all to end now
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    "If the test showed alcohol or marijuana (THC) you will be allowed to retest in six months. Should your test show something stronger, you will be allowed to retest in one year. In either case, if your retest is negative showing no drugs or alcohol in your system, you can enlist with a waiver. (If your retest is positive, you might want to think about joining rehab instead of the military! You can then try to enlist again in two years.) The Recruiting Battalion Commander or Executive Officer can approve the waiver in cases where there is one positive test. If the applicant has tested positive for drugs or alcohol twice, the waiver must be approved by the Commanding General or the Recruiting Command of the section of the military you are joining.

    If you join with a waiver, you will have to remain very clean during the entire course of your service. Once you have been allowed to join the military, if you get in a fight or become violent after drinking too much and an alcohol waiver is found in your records by your commanding officer, you could be in big trouble."


    @Admin @Falcon

    Y'all should post this on Facebook, maybe someone following our page can help.

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