Raytheon Developing New TOW Launcher

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    Raytheon Developing New TOW Launcher

    “The company took a look at the market, what customers, particularly international customers have, what launchers, and we looked at the feasibility of what systems are used by the US, and it’s kind of limited and we said, ‘What is the middle ground we can provide as far as capability at a price point these international customers could afford,’” Alvarez said.

    And so the TOW Eagle Fire launcher was born.

    The older launchers — the M220s — have a “pretty well-defined” capability when it comes to detection, identification and engagement range and it only performs during the day, according to Alvarez.

    Then there’s the Integrated Targeting System (ITAS) launcher, which is a long-range system with a lot of capability, but is expensive to own and operate and is only releasable to certain countries.

    The Eagle Fire launcher has about 75 percent of the capability of ITAS and costs about one-third of the price, Alvarez said.

    The new launcher is fully digital, has the capability to see at night, and is powered by lithium ion batteries or a vehicle’s power source. The battery life is extended from two hours to nine hours.

    The cost of ownership was also greatly reduced from previous systems, Alvarez noted, because Raytheon was able to develop the launcher with just five line replaceable units. The older launcher had more than 10 LRUs.

    With fewer LRUs, the time to train and to maintain the launcher will be greatly reduced and will save millions of dollars on extensive training, according to Alvarez.

    The launcher is capable of firing both old wired TOW missiles — there are tens of thousands of those out there — and the new RF transmitter TOW missiles.

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    Jordan to buy US-made TOW missiles: company

    AMMAN (AFP) - Jordan has signed a contract to buy TOW anti-tank missiles from US firm Raytheon, the company said in a statement issued Tuesday at the SOFEX arms fair for special forces.

    Raytheon said the contract was signed between the Jordanian army and the US defence department, without specifying the contract's amount or the number of missiles involved.


    I wonder if they ordered the new version? I expect the TOW to sell like hot cakes now that the price went down some. The Russians were killing us in that market even with NATO allies like Turkey and Greece. GCC states were also buying Russian ATGM's. Our companies need Monkey models of everything, thats what the Russians do.
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    Jordan Expands RPG Cooperation With Russia, Belarus

    AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan’s defense industry is cooperating with Belarus and Russia to develop remotely operated and vehicle-launched versions of the Russian-designed RPG-32 for counterterrorism missions, according to industry executives here at Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX).

    Through parallel partnerships with Russia’s state-owned Bazalt, designers of the RPG-32, and the SRPC Research and Production Center of Belarus, Jordan’s Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems recently completed testing of a remotely operated system that launches four rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) simultaneously.

    The tripod-mounted system is called RPG-32 Quad-1 Nashshab, which is Arabic for “Archer” and the name given to the Russian-designed RPGs produced under license in Jordan. A vehicle-mounted version has been installed on a four-wheel drive, special-purpose, light-armored vehicle developed by Jordan’s King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau.

    Retired Jordanian Armed Forces Col. Ayman Mashouqah, director-general of Jadara, said the tripod-mounted and vehicle-mounted system were officially presented this week to Jordanian military leaders attending SOFEX.

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