Revealed,How German pilots risked their lives to ...........

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    Revealed, how German pilots risked their lives to drop photos of captured British pilots behind Allied lines to let their families know they were safe

    • Diplomatic missions discovered in rare collection of a Tommy's belongings
    • Lieutenant Charles Cotterill created the archive in 1929 called 'Sporty Huns'
    • Among letters to loved ones, were photo postcards of Ypres and medals
    • Archive focused on Lt Cotterill service at air bases in Egypt and Syria

    A Tommy's incredible archive has revealed that German pilots risked their lives to deliver letters from British flyers shot down over Syria in the First World War.

    The Germans performed the daring diplomatic missions to let the comrades and loved ones of their enemies know that they were being treated well.

    The revelation was made when the great-nephew of an officer who served in the Royal Flying Corps discovered the compelling archive.

    Pictured, captured pilots Lt Palmer (third right) and Lt Floyer (fourth right) stand alongside the remains of their wrecked plane and German pilot

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