Rival Faction Seizes Libyan Ministries

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    Rival Libya government seizes ministries in Tripoli


    National Salvation government forces have seized at least three ministries in Libya’s capital, following the current UN-backed government’s year-long failure to bring stability and order back to the war-torn country.

    The leader of the group, Khalifa Ghwell, confirmed that his forces seized control of the ministries of defence, labour and the “martyrs and the wounded” ministry, which looks after the families of the aforementioned. He also declared himself “Prime Minister of Libya”.

    Ghwell’s group was formed by the outgoing parliament after a dispute in 2014 about the transfer of power which led to the establishment of rival governments.

    The UN helped establish a third government in Tripoli last year under Fayez Al-Sarraj in the hopes he could unify Libya and lead the fight against “Islamist extremists”.

    However, a spokesman for Al-Sarraj’s government, Ashraf Tulty, dismissed the takeover, stating that the group was just “trying to sow chaos [and] they have no means to control.”

    Tulty further explained how the ministry buildings that Ghwell claims to have seized are either under maintenance, not controlled by Al-Sarraj’s government, or were seized only briefly before being let go.

    “This is nothing more than a media hoax,” Tulty said. “They are trying to sabotage the only internationally recognised government in Libya.”

    In a speech aired on television, Ghwell said that past arrangements brokered by the UN were “invalid” and described Al-Sarraj’s government as “expired”.

    More: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20170113-rival-libya-government-seizes-ministries-in-tripoli/

    Libya: GNA government dismisses claims on seized ministries


    The spokesman of Libya’s government of national unity has confirmed that armed men attempted to seize three ministries on Thursday in Tripoli, but were unsuccessful.

    The National Salvation government forces through their leader Khalifa Ghwell had earlier claimed taking control of the ministries, which included the labour and defence offices.

    Ahmed Maiteeq, Deputy Prime Minister of the Libyan National Unity Government (GNA) said: “What happened yesterday is that Mr. Khalifa Ghweil, president of the National salvation government just showed up at the ministries of labor and defense. He held a press conference and then left.”

    More: http://www.africanews.com/2017/01/14/libya-gna-government-dismisses-claims-on-seized-ministries/
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    I still don't get who is who in Libya, all I know is that it was easier to track when one guy was ruling the country. |Dead|
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