Road to the Communism?

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by YarS, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Do you like social Sci-Fi?
    Let's try to discuss about new technologies, that can potentionaly turn us to the Communism.
    So: in your country physics-theoretics invent new theory of space-time. On the first sight there were no practical usage, and as just another theory it was published in scientific magazines. Aviable for everybody. Then , another clever guy understand, that if this theory is right - it can be possible to make undamaging 3D-scanner (that scan from the 4-th dimension). This idea also was not very secret, but expensive enough and work about it's engineering was slowly started by few institutes.
    In the stage of engineering was discovered, that it can be created not just 3D scanner, but 3D copier, that can copy any material object with subatomic accuracy and without wasting of energy (really there is energy from "defect of mass" of cartridge materia). Piece of gold, car, plane, atom bomb, living cat - everything can be copied, with wasting of equal mass of any material in "cartridge chamber". You can transform litre of water in the kg of gold (or gasoline) just by pressing of button. Only exception - living humans. Copy of living human is a living, but comatose body.
    What will be social changes after this invention will be widespread?