Roketsan - Lockheed Martin SOM J Cruise Missile for F-35

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    Lockheed and Roketsan shoot for SOM-J first flight in 2017

    “SOM-J is a variant of an existing, larger SOM missile that is flight certified and in production in support of the Turkish F-4 and F-16 programmes – external carriage,” he explains. “We’re going to take elements of that design and adapt it to the SOM-J weapon – a smaller airframe that will fit inside the conventional take-off and landing F-35A and carrier variant F-35C.

    “We’ll have this into flight test and certification in rapid fashion. Our objective is to be flight testing off the Turkish F-16 by 2017.”


    SOM-J missiles for Turkey and other countries would have final assembly in Ankara, Cheryl Amerine, a Lockheed spokeswoman, said. Final assembly for US missiles would take place at a Lockheed Martin manufacturing site in the US. “Regardless of the site, the missiles will have a common supply chain,” she added.

    Raytheon and Norwegian company Kongsberg announced its partnership to develop a missile for the F-35 last summer at the Farnborough International Airshow outside of London. Norway will also fly F-35s.

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