Romanian Who Hacked Multiple US Presidents Extradited to the US

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    Upon the request of US authorities, Marcel Lazar Lehel, well known as Guccifer, has finally been approved to extradite to the United States to face Computer Intrusion and Identity Theft Charges for 18 months.

    Guccifer is an infamous Romanian hacker who was arrested in Romania for hacking into the emails and social networking accounts of numerous high profile the US and Romanian Politicians.

    Guccifer's well known political targets included:
    • Bill Clinton (Former President)
    • Hillary Clinton (U.S Presidential Candidate)
    • George W. Bush (Former U.S. President)
    • Colin Powell (former U.S. Secretary)
    • George Maior (chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service)
    • John Tenet (State Director of Central Intelligence for the United States CIA)
    • Richard Armitage (Republican politician)
    • Lisa Murkowski (U.S. Senator and former Secret Service Agent) and many more.
    Rest is here:
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