Russia Deploys EW System not Far From Alaska

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    Intel on the System ( All OSINT)

    In the beginning of December, 2014, the Russian media ‘Krym Nash’ [Crimea is ours] reported:

    The Black Sea Fleet’s electronic warfare center started assimilation of the new ‘Murmansk’ complex. The ‘Murmansk-BN’ (GT-01) automated UHF suppression complex is designed to suppress the shortwave links between the enemy’s operational command levels.

    The maritime electronic warfare support is a kind of the combat support of the fleet’s forces. Its purpose is to disclose the systems and means of the enemy’s forces command facilities and antiship weapons, their electronic suppression and the electronic protection of own systems and command facilities, as well as counterintelligence.

    On March 20, 2014, ‘RIA Novosti’ reported about the North Fleet training using the latest ‘Murmansk-NB’ complex:

    “The characteristics of ‘Murmansk-NB’ system allows it to disorganize the command of a potential enemy’s forces. It works on the distance up to 5 thousands kilometers.” – states the North Fleet’s electronic warefare center commander, the captain II rank, Dmitri Popov.

    According to him, these complexes make the basis of the Fleet’s electronic warfare. ‘Murmansk-NB’ was put into service in December, 2014. At this moment the equipment is successfully assimilated.

    The system conducts radio intelligence, intercepts enemy signals and suppresses them. It works over the whole shortwave range.

    “Our task for today is to make impossible data transmission from scout aircrafts of the potential enemy. The effectiveness of the complex is 100%. All the real-time tasks were completed” – summarizes Popov“.

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