Russia's use of "Hybrid Warfare"

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Falcon, Oct 22, 2015.

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    This post intends to give members and guests a basic understanding of Russia's use of hybrid warfare. This thread will keep track of Russia's use of this concept.


    Russia has been utilizing a concept known as Hybrid warfare to further its geopolitical goals. Hybrid warfare can be defined in many different ways however the easiest way to define it is as the blend of conventional, unconventional, cyber and perhaps non military actions with the intent of achieving a nations military objectives. The definition of hybrid warfare is debatable as it is a vague concept and can take on many different definitions.

    Famous examples of Russia's use of hybrid warfare includes the 2008 War in Georgia where local rebels, conventional Russian forces, cyber attacks, and Russian state sponsored foreign language news outlets (RT) were all used in unison to aid in achieving Russia's military objectives. Another example includes the recent Russian takeover of the crimean penninsulla as well as other Russian backed actions in eastern Ukraine where many or all of the above actions were used.

    NATO has been responding to Russia's successful use of hybrid warfare by holding military exercises designed to defeat the threat of hybrid warfare along side the other conventional style military exercises it regularly holds. NATO members have also been seeking ways to help mitigate the effect of Russian backed cyber attacks by signing agreements on cooperation in Cyber defense.

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    Nice summary.

    Here is an informative article from Daniel Dewit

    I like how you talked about how RT news channel plays into their game.